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Stacey E Hodge


I have a daughter on the autism spectrum. A couple of weeks of listening to this she and she answered a “yes” to a question! She is more verbal and seems to understand things better. I’ve also noticed she is waiting for things more…   

Karen Dere
This CD saved my family.

My 9 year old son has ADHD, ODD, sensory and auditory processing disorder and I am told he is on the spectrum. For 5 years, he has had severe disruptive and impulsive behavioral issues at school. After several psychologists, clinicians, therapies, nutritional changes and thousands of dollars, NOTHING has worked.

I was almost all out of hope. I stumbled upon Dr. Melillo’s Brain Balance program and followed the website and emails for a year. Tired of wasting money on parenting books that just end up in a dust pile , I borrowed Dr. Melillo’s book, Disconnected Kids, from the library. I found he had a right brain deficiency and to make a long story short, I now own this book and have donated my dust pile. I worked through the home program with my son, but we end up fighting and arguing and I growing more frustrated. I pared down the home program JUST to him listening to this Brain Balance CD for the Right Hemisphere. No earplugs, no earphones, played it when I could, however I could, car, during homework, while he read, while he slept. Worked after 6 weeks. But read the book – he went through the rough patch,as described in weeks 3 and 4, and even though I almost stopped it, I didn’t, because I knew the bad meant it was working.

I just kept playing the CD and praying. Week 10, teachers and coaches came up to me and said they noticed a dramatic change over the last month – so profound it was like a totally different kid, happier, more calm, little to no impulsive behavior, better listener, empathetic, making friends, less over reacting, no dramatic emotional displays. Changed his immune system, speech, taste buds too – all for the better. It has now been 7 months and I still have him listen to the CD only because I am afraid to stop. I do worry that I am ‘over whipping the whip cream’ but teachers still come up to me and can’t believe how well he is doing. Thank you Lisa Erhard and Dr. Melillo for helping me and my son!

Rhonda Gibson
My daughter has been more verbal since listening to the C.D.

My daughter has been more verbal since listening to the C.D. for two weeks now. She also has been a lot calmer and understanding simple commands.

Jason Runkle
My First Brain Balance Music

I love Brain Balance because it’s so awesome. When I was 15 years old, I listened to my first Brain Balance music which is called With Wolves and Whales. Like my third phone before my fifth and current phone, it had my first Brain Balance music along with my second Brain Balance music which is called Paradise. I can listen to them anytime I want to.

dang thi ngoc huong
Buy the cd child right brain With Wolves and Whales

Frstly, may I introduce my self, I am from vietnam . I have a daughter for 4 years old and she have a problem with brain . After finding , I know that the cd of Lisa Erhard of child right brain with wolves and whales is better for my baby and I  I really like it.

Jen Chung
Positive effect on development

I am a mother of an ASD child living in Hong Kong. About a year ago we have been recommended by a neuro chiropractor to let my son listen to the Right Brain Stimulation music once a day or put it as background music when he is playing. I found that my son becomes more focused in his learning and communicating, and have better behavior when I let him listen more frequently. Of course I have other therapies in place but I believe the music does have a positive effect to my son in his development, and at a very minimal effort.