Do I need right or left brain music?

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Research has shown that the side of the brain that is most problematic is most often the side that is under stimulated.  By using specific music and sounds, Brain Balance Music may help to stimulate one hemisphere more than the other and possibly create more balance in the brain.

The majority of symptoms in children and adults including attention deficits, learning disabilities, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and many more are all directly a result of an imbalance of electrical activity in the brain.

Which music do I need?

Brain Balance Music is geared toward the stimulation of either right or left brain (otherwise known as right or left hemisphere).

Right brain music stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, and left brain music stimulates the left hemisphere.

In some cases you both right and left brain stimulation can be helpful.  But if you are looking to stimulate more of one hemisphere over the other, you may benefit by listening to that particular music which stimulates the given hemisphere.

The following details the possible benefits the listener of our music may achieve.

Right Brain Stimulation Music Benefits:

Listening to right brain stimulation music may help to improve attention span, ability to concentrate, reading comprehension, social behavior, nonverbal communication, and math skills. Right Brain stimulation music may also help with auto immune disorders, reduce general anxiety and stress levels, lower blood pressure, improve balance and coordination, stimulate creativity and imagination.

Left Brain Stimulation Music Benefits:

Listening to left brain stimulation music may help to improve reading, language skills, writing, math, calculating skills, balance, and coordination. Left Brain stimulation music may also help to relieve depression, generate positive emotions, increase motivation, enhance memory, improve reading and writing skills, improve balance and coordination, lower blood pressure, and boost immune system.

Right Brain Stimulation music available:

With Wolves and Whales (for child)

Woman Breathing Right Brain Stimulation

Woman Breathing (adult)

Paradise (all ages)

Left Brain Stimulation music available soon:

The Gargle Guy (for child)

Peaceful  (for adult)