Hanging in during this crazy time…Can music help with that?

I just wanted to offer a little encouragement right now. This is a very stressful time, that’s for sure. Unlike anything else we’ve very experienced. In an interview I saw today, Julie Andrews likens this time to being like a war. I’m not quoting exactly, but you get the drift…

Everyone’s situation is different of course. Some people have no choice but to be out there in the world and don’t have as much ability to protect themselves. It’s a fight for survival.

I would say that we need to keep those people in our thoughts and prayers and be grateful to be “stuck inside”, if we have the luxury to have that as our option, because not everybody is that fortunate.

I’d like to ask you, has music helped you at all during this time?

Music certainly can help us cope, take us to other places, tap into our emotions, restore a sense of peace, joy, serenity.

I would recommend relaxing music, or happy music. For your own stress levels, find something you can listen to that makes you feel better and keep listening to it.

Please contribute here and let me know what you’re listening to to get you through this time!

I look forward to all replies!