Ingredients that make our Right Brain music powerful!

Our beautiful “Paradise” album incorporates some elements that might have you wondering “Why the chants?” “What are they doing there?”

Dr. Melillo explains about the elements incorporated in our music and how they may be of benefit. He recommended these elements, and I, as the composer found them amazing to work with, putting me in a bit of trance, and I believe they can have the same effect on you too! I’m thinking, what better time than what we’re all going through right now, then to have something so deeply relaxing to listen to. Yes, you can benefit by just listening and enjoying! Any other benefits derived regarding brain balancing is an added plus!

I am also sharing with you here some of the sources and people involved in making this production of Paradise possible. Real authentic chants. Anmol Mehta, Trupti Mehta, a husband and wife team I was honored to be in communication with, who graciously allowed me to include their beautiful chants. Thank you Anmol and Trupti!

Here’s information from Dr. Melillo regarding the elements in our music:

Right Brain Stimulation Music
The right hemisphere develops first, developing in the womb and for the first 2-3 years of life. It does not have conscious memories of that time but it does remember. We have deep subconscious memories of that time of developing; we are affected by hearing a muffled heartbeat or deep breathing. It reminds us of our early life and of the womb.
Brain Balance Music tries to recreate all of these qualities.There are no words; we hear various types of chanting from different cultures and different religions. These evoke primal emotions for humans; they are activating the subconscious memories of early childhood.

They are very emotional, spiritual; they connect us to ourselves and the world around us and help us connect to the present, the now. They connect us to our self- awareness,to our body inside and out.
The music changes frequently, incorporating low frequency sounds that vary regularly.

The environmental sounds create visual, nonverbal images of the world. With Brain Balance Music for right brain stimulation we create a slight sense of foreboding, the sense that something potentially negative may be about to happen. Doing so heightens the right brain awareness and attention and stimulates the avoidance sensation, the negative emotions, and vigilance.

Thunder, lightening, and rain are all sounds that caused us fear or anxiety as a child and may still evoke these emotions unconsciously as an adult. All of this engages the right hemisphere, it stimulates it and it activates it to process this information. A deep driving drumbeat has always affected humans, creating deep primal emotions, helping us connect to our thoughts and emotions. It helps us to get into a deep meditative state where we can connect to the now. It helps us to achieve a “mindfulness state”, allowing us to connect our right hemisphere to our body, emotions, and to a particular time in space. It allows us to have a greater appreciation of emotions and of life around us.

You can listen for yourself to hear samples and purchase Paradise here


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Welcome to the Brain Balance Music blog! We are very happy to have you here! We’ll do our best to answer questions you may have about our music and to keep you up to date on any new music coming along!

Woman Breathing Right Brain Stimulation
Brain Balance Music

Here’s our new album cover for our Right Brain Stimulation music “Woman Breathing”. This music is well suited for both adult and child.

Here are some samples: