Recommended earbuds for listening to Brain Balance Music

Recommended earbuds for listening to Brain Balance Music

The reason we feel that earbuds are the best option is that you can isolate your listening to stimulate either right or left hemisphere, although you can listen to our music through both ears and it will still have a stimulating effect.   If you use regular headphones, to isolate the listening to just one ear, you will need to move one headphone away from one ear, so it’s a little more cumbersome and not as comfortable as using an earbud.

Although earbuds range quite a bit in price, we’re going to start our recommendation for a very suitable and acceptable pair at the lowest end of the price spectrum.  With a full, crisp and clear sound, these are the Vogek tangle free flat cord ergonomic earbuds that offer high quality sound and are compatible with Samsung, Android, and more.  Beyond the highly affordable price they are engineered with a very thoughtful design. The angle makes them more comfortable and easier to put on, and the tapered off area at the pack makes it easy to hold them steady between two fingers when putting them on.

Not only are these great for adults, but if you’re using Brain Balance Music for your kids, you might prefer to use a lower priced earbud without sacrificing quality.  Sturdy too!  Compatibility: 3.5mm audio jack compatible with any 3.5mm audio devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, iMac, PS3/PS4, MP3/MP4 Player and more.

We are endorsing these earbuds for Brain Balance Music.


There are a variety of headphones, earbuds, speakers, cellphones, all options for listening to Brain Balance Music. On this page we will make further recommendations of equipment that will render the highest level in quality for listening for optimum results.

We are including a range of price options here to fit your budget.

Other recommended earbuds:




Bose for Apple Devices:



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